Gone are the days when men used to tame beasts to ride on them; it’s man vs. machines now. Add fuel to your power-packed dreams by driving our exclusively designed All-terrain vehicles (ATV). They are a carefully selected fleet which is exclusively designed to provide you a superior performance with high safety regulations. Our objective is to help you meet your desire to rule the terrain come true and we do just that!

Come, experience and relish by driving these machines which have a heart made of steel!

Our ATVs buggies abide by all vehicle and legal norms, allowing you to cruise through beautiful, rugged and picturesque landscapes that help you get closer to the bounties of Mother Nature.

These robust ATV’s are of the brand Polaris , the American giants who are established for their outstanding manufacturing of snowmobiles and ATV’s which run on automatic transmission and are packed with powerful break controls which give way to kids and adults to have a great experience of riding.


50cc - ₹ 250 (1km)
90cc - ₹ 300 (1km)
170cc - ₹ 500 (1km)

200cc - ₹ 400 (1km)
330cc - ₹ 600 (1km)
500cc - ₹ 800 (1km)

Adults - Pro Track
330cc - ₹ 700 (1km)
500cc - ₹ 900 (1km)

The types of vehicles provided for use are:

Outlaw 50

Age of driver: 5-8 years
Sportsman 90

Age of driver: 9-14 years
RzR 170

Age of driver: 10-16 years
Phoenix 200

Age of driver: above 16 years
Trial Boss 330
Trial Blazer 330
Scrambler 500
RzR 800

Types of Tracks:

Kids track

This track may be unanimously called the best as it is ideally suited for beginners set to rule the terrain. Children will be closely monitored by our experienced trainers who would guide them to learn to drive on the track and ensure their safety throughout the trip.

Amateur track

This track is for all those who have got a prior feel of road sense and wanting to explore more in driving. Here, we make sure you get all your basics right and our promise to pamper you with adventurous joy is seen to be held true. You get the complete off road experience under a completely controlled and supervised environment.

Pro track (For professionals)

This track is exclusively for professionals which cater to experienced and professional riders who have been waiting to sink their teeth into the right track which has been designed in such a way that it gives one the highest level of adrenaline pump. So gather your guts to feel the thrill.



Paintball is a perfect sport for adventure lovers who are fascinated by speed, thrill and suspense. This is as real as it gets to a battle field as you get to shoot those playing alongside you with guns. These guns are filled with harmless paint capsules which are tiny balls filled with non-toxic, bio-friendly and water-soluble mineral oil that are to be shot at each other. These guns are loaded with compressed CO2 for creating the required pressure that can fire a power shot at a speed of about 300 feet per second.

Game types in paintball vary, but can include capturing the flag, unearthing hidden treasure elimination of players, ammunition limits, defending or attacking a particular point or area. We offer masks and goggles that are to be worn by players which are mandatory while playing on the field. These are insisted to be worn for your protection so that nothing comes in the way of spoiling your fun.


₹ 350 - 40 bullets

₹ 600 - 80 bullets

₹ 1200 - 200 bullets



What do you think about rolling and splashing by being inside a water ball known as a Zorb? Sounds interesting? Get ready to have loads of fun while experiencing adrenaline rush with happy splashing around you!

A water ball is simply a large inflatable sphere that allows an individual inside it to walk across the surface of a body of water. This giant ball is typically two meters in diameter and is made of a zippered entrance that facilitates easy entry and exit. The water inside the ball will carry you through the ride as the ball is set in motion allowing you to slip and slide through.

The experience is not easy to define-but the end result is always the same for the excitement seekers- Lots of fun, laughter and big smiles guaranteed!


water zorbing
₹ 200 - 15 minutes

body zorbing
₹ 200 - 10 minutes



Waiting to unleash the inner warrior inside you? Come try out our state-of-the-art equipment set especially for ambitious archers. Right from amateurs to experts, we have a large variety of formats like fun style, fast style, individual and team style, triathlon style all performed under a very high standard of competition.

Expect to have pure fun, learning experience and a sense of achievement all rolled in together. We go by our work protocol in which we offer the basics of archery training and then allow you to compete in order to gauge your skills. We have expert instructors in archery who shall guide you through the entire process and take care of the safety parameters. Moreover, if you wish for a private session, feel free to have an advance booking done.

All those dynamic, fun- loving people are welcome to come and transport themselves to an ancient era by means of indulging in some archery!


₹ 150 - 10 arrows